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Betting A-Z: R – The Ultimate Encyclopaedia for All Your Betting Needs

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Betting encyclopedia

Betting encyclopedia

Betting A-Z: R – The Ultimate Encyclopaedia for All Your Betting Needs

Rabbit hunting – The act of a player asking to see the cards that would have come on subsequent streets after they have folded in a hand.

Racing form – A document that provides information about each horse or participant in a race, including past performances, jockey, trainer, and odds.

Racing post – A publication that provides horse racing news, results, and betting tips.

Racing program – A printed document that provides information about a particular day’s races, including the order of the races and the participants in each race.

Racing silks – The colorful and distinctive clothing worn by jockeys during a horse race that represents the owner of the horse.

Racing tips – Advice given by experts in the horse racing industry on which horses are most likely to win a race.

Rags – Horses with long odds of winning a race.

Rags-to-riches – A horse that comes from humble beginnings or a lowly ranking and wins a big race or championship.

Rail – The innermost part of a horse racetrack.

Railbird – A spectator at a horse race who stands next to the rail to get a better view of the horses.

Railbird heaven – A prime location at the racetrack, typically located at the finish line or in the grandstand, where railbirds congregate to watch the races.

Railbirding – The act of spectating at horse races from the rail.

Rakeback – A portion of the rake that is returned to players as an incentive to continue playing.

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Random number generator (RNG) – A computer program that generates random numbers to ensure that games are fair and not rigged.

Range – The range of hands that a player may have in a given situation, based on their previous actions and betting patterns.

Re-entry tournament – A tournament in which a player who has been eliminated can pay another buy-in to re-enter the tournament and continue playing.

Rebuy – The act of purchasing additional chips in a cash game.

Red card – A card shown to a player by a referee in a soccer game to indicate a serious foul or violation.

Reducing the field – The act of forcing players to fold and reducing the number of active players in a hand or tournament.

Refund – The return of a player’s bet if the event they bet on is canceled or otherwise does not take place.

Reload bonus – A bonus given to players who reload their accounts with additional funds.

Reserve – The minimum amount of money required to enter a particular game or tournament.

Return on investment (ROI) – A measure of the profitability of a particular bet or investment, calculated as the net profit divided by the total amount invested.

Reverse forecast – A type of bet in which the bettor predicts which two horses will finish in first and second place, in any order.

Reverse line – The point spread or odds for the underdog in a game or match.

Reverse line movement – A situation in which the point spread or odds for a particular team or player move in the opposite direction of what would be expected based on the betting action.

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Ring game – A cash game in which players can join or leave at any time.

Ring game rake – The percentage of each pot that is taken by the house in a ring game.

Ring-fenced market – A market that is restricted to players from a particular geographic location or jurisdiction.

Ringer – A person or animal that is substituted for another in order to gain an advantage.

Ripped: A term used to describe a player who has lost all of their bankroll.

Risk management: The process of identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks, and taking actions to minimize, monitor, and control the probability or impact of negative events.

Risk tolerance: The degree of risk an individual is willing to take on when participating in a betting or gambling activity.

Risk-free bet: A bet that is guaranteed to result in a win or refund, regardless of the outcome.

Robustness: The ability of a betting strategy or system to perform well under a variety of different conditions or scenarios.

Rolling accumulator: A type of accumulator bet where the winnings from each bet are rolled over to the next bet, increasing the potential payout.

Rollover requirement: The number of times a bonus or promotion must be wagered before it can be withdrawn as cash.

Rookie: A new or inexperienced player.

Rotisserie league: A type of fantasy sports league where team owners draft real-life players and earn points based on their statistical performance.

Round of betting: A segment of a poker game where players place bets or make decisions about their hand.

Round robin: A type of bet where multiple parlays are combined into a single bet.

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Round-robin bet: Another name for a round robin.

Rounder: A professional gambler who travels from place to place in search of profitable betting opportunities.

Run line: A type of bet in baseball where the favorite team must win by a certain number of runs or the underdog team must lose by a certain number of runs or win outright.

Run of play: The current state of the game or match, including the score and momentum.

Runline: Another name for the run line bet in baseball.

Runner: A person who places bets for someone else.

Runner-runner: A term used in poker to describe a hand that is completed by catching two consecutive cards on the turn and river.

Runners: Another term for horses in a horse race.

Running count: A counting system used in blackjack to keep track of the cards that have been played and the remaining cards in the deck.

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