December 4, 2023

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Betting A-Z: A – The Ultimate Encyclopaedia for All Your Betting Needs

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Betting encyclopedia

Betting encyclopedia

Betting A-Z: The Ultimate Encyclopaedia for All Your Betting Needs- A

  • Abandonment: A situation in which a race or event is cancelled before it is completed. In horse racing, abandonment can occur due to poor weather conditions, unsafe track conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Abandoned race: A race that is cancelled before it is completed due to abandonment. When a race is abandoned, all bets placed on the race are usually refunded.
  • Action: The act of placing a bet on a particular event or outcome.
  • Accumulator: A type of bet where multiple selections are combined into a single bet. All selections must win in order for the bettor to receive a payout.
  • Across the board: A type of bet in horse racing where the bettor selects a horse to win, place, and show.
  • Action betting: Placing bets on a regular basis, often with a focus on specific sports or events.
  • Added game: A game or event that is added to a betting lineup after it has already been released.
  • Advance-deposit wagering: A method of betting where customers deposit funds into an account in advance, and then use those funds to place bets online or by phone.
  • Advance wagering: Placing bets on a race or event well in advance of the start time.
  • Against the spread: A type of betting where a handicap is applied to the underdog team or player, making the outcome more even. Betting against the spread means placing a bet on the underdog team or player to either win or lose by less than the handicap.
  • Agent: A person who acts as an intermediary between bettors and bookmakers, often taking a commission on bets placed.
  • All-in: A term used in poker to describe a player who has bet all of their remaining chips.
  • All or nothing: A type of betting where the bettor must correctly predict the outcome of all events in order to win, otherwise the bet is lost.
  • Alphabet bet: A type of bet where the bettor selects a number of horses to win, place or show, and then combines those selections into multiple bets.
  • Allowance race: A horse race where weights are assigned based on the horse’s previous performance.
  • Alternate lines: Additional lines offered by bookmakers that differ from the standard point spread or odds.
  • American odds: A type of odds format used primarily in North America. American odds are displayed as either a positive or negative number, indicating the amount a bettor would win on a $100 bet or the amount they would need to bet in order to win $100.
  • Anchor: In a combination bet, the selection that is fixed and cannot be changed.
  • Animal: A term used to refer to a horse in horse racing.
  • Apparent winner: A horse that appears to have won a race, but whose victory is still subject to review and confirmation.
  • Apprentice: A jockey in training who has not yet achieved full professional status.
  • Arbitrage: A betting strategy where a bettor places bets on all possible outcomes of an event in order to guarantee a profit, regardless of the outcome.
  • Assumed win: A horse that is considered to be the most likely winner of a race.
  • Auction betting: A type of betting where bettors bid on the right to make a selection.
  • Auction pool: A type of betting pool where bettors bid on the right to select a specific horse or team.
  • Automatic totalisator: A machine used to record and calculate bets placed on horse races.
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