December 4, 2023

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Betting A-Z: B – The Ultimate Encyclopaedia for All Your Betting Needs

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Betting encyclopedia

Betting encyclopedia

Betting A-Z: The Ultimate Encyclopaedia for All Your Betting Needs- B

  1. Back – To place a bet on a selection or outcome.
  2. Bank – A betting establishment that accepts wagers from customers.
  3. Banker – A selection that is expected to win.
  4. Bankroll – The amount of money a bettor has set aside for gambling purposes.
  5. Bankroll Management – The practice of managing one’s bankroll to maximize profits and minimize losses.
  6. Bar Price – A price on a selection that is not quoted in a market.
  7. Base Unit – The amount of money used as the standard betting unit.
  8. Beeswax – A term used to describe a bet that is agreed upon but never placed.
  9. Bet – A wager or stake placed on the outcome of an event.
  10. Betting – The act of placing a wager or stake on the outcome of an event.
  11. Betting Exchange – A platform where bettors can bet against each other.
  12. Betting Limits – The minimum and maximum amount of money that can be wagered on a selection.
  13. Betting Ring – The area at a racecourse where bookmakers are located.
  14. Betting Slip – A physical or digital ticket that lists the bets a bettor has placed.
  15. Betting Tax – A tax levied on betting activity in some jurisdictions.
  16. Betting Window – The period of time during which bets can be placed.
  17. Bias – A factor that influences the outcome of an event in favor of one side.
  18. Big Blind – A forced bet in some forms of poker.
  19. Blanket Finish – When two or more horses finish a race very close together.
  20. Block – To prevent another bettor from placing a wager.
  21. Blower – A person who announces the odds or prices at a racecourse.
  22. Board – A board that displays the odds or prices for a particular event.
  23. Bobble – A mistake made by a jockey or driver that costs a horse ground.
  24. Bogey – A score that is one stroke above par in golf.
  25. Bonus – An additional amount of money offered to bettors for meeting certain criteria.
  26. Bonus Hunt – The practice of seeking out and exploiting bonus offers from bookmakers.
  27. Bonus Terms – The conditions that must be met to claim a bonus offer.
  28. Book – A book that lists the odds or prices for different events.
  29. Book Value – The difference between a selection’s odds and its true probability of winning.
  30. Bookie – A person who accepts wagers on sporting events or other outcomes.
  31. Bookmaker – A person or organization that sets and adjusts the odds for events.
  32. Bookmaker’s Percentage – The amount of money a bookmaker takes in as profit on a particular event.
  33. Bookmaker’s Yield – The bookmaker’s profit as a percentage of the total amount wagered.
  34. Bookmaking – The business of setting odds and accepting bets on events.
  35. Bottom – The lowest-ranked horse in a race.
  36. Bottom Line – The net profit or loss from a betting activity.
  37. Bottom Weight – The lightest weight that can be carried by a horse in a race.
  38. Both Teams To Score (BTTS) – A type of bet where the bettor predicts whether both teams in a match will score at least one goal.
  39. Box – A type of bet where multiple horses or selections are chosen, and all possible combinations are covered.
  40. Boxed In – When a horse is unable to move forward due to other horses blocking its path.
  41. Break – When a horse starts a race from the starting gate.
  42. Breakage Cap: The maximum amount a bookmaker is allowed to deduct from the payout on a winning bet, to cover breakage.
  43. Breeders’ Cup: A prestigious annual horse racing event held in the United States, featuring some of the top thoroughbreds from around the world.
  44. Bridge-Jumper: A person who places a large bet on a heavily-favored horse to show (finish in the top three), with the intention of winning a small profit.
  45. Buy Points: To pay an additional fee to a bookmaker, in order to shift the point spread in favor of the bettor.
  46. Buy Price: The price at which a bettor can buy points from a bookmaker.
  47. Buyback: A bet placed by a bookmaker with another bookmaker, in order to offset some of the risk on a heavily-bet event.
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